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Q: How does Mobile Grooming work?
A: The van is usually would be parked in your driveway, or on the street in front of your house. The grooming takes place inside the van.

Q: How is the pet brought out to the groomer?
A: Dogs should be on a leash, preferrably with a choker collar.
Cats in a carrier, or wrapped up in a towel.

Q: Do you sanitize the bathtub after each use?
A: Yes. We use Barbicide, the sanitizer widely used in hospitals.
We use it for sterilizing scissors and blades, bathtub, walls, and floors.

Q: What do I need to know when scheduling an appointment?
A: The time set by the groomer is never exact. Here is why.
Mobile means road. Roads can be unpredictible.
When we schedule a pet, we don't see the condition it is in; coat, skin, etc. This can contribute to the appointment taking extra time.

Q: What is the minimum information you need to schedule a pet?
A: Client Last and First Name, Address, and Phone Number, Pet's Breed and Name, Other information which will make the grooming easier, e.g. aggressiveness, age, fear of water or loud noises (especially for cats) .

Q: How long will the grooming procedure take?
A: Shorthaired breeds without any extra undercoat take 30-40 minutes.
Longhaired breeds, or double-coated breeds will take up to 60 minutes.
Haircuts without complications will take from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the size of the animal.


I assume you are going to smile if I tell you that cat grooming is more danger- ous and unpredictable than dog grooming.
Why is that? ... Well, most cats are afraid of water. So, when a cat hears the water run, and gets wet, the cat turns to the closest person (the groomer), to escape using teeth and claws. The infection the cat can carry in its mouth is dangerous.

That's why the groomer's first question is, "Has the cat been groomed before, and what is it's reaction?"

Cats usually react poorly to strangers, therefore, it is very important to emphasize that the cat is brought out either in a carrier, or wrapped up in a towel.

Q: Do you do haircuts for cats?
A: Yes we do, but it depends upon the cat's tolerance. We try to minimize the amount of time the cat is being groomed to 45 minutes max.

The typical haircut is called a "lion" cut:

THIS makes a real `fat cat` look spiffy.

Here is another fine example. This fine fellow looks like he is not enjoying the bath, but actually the warmth of the water feels good. For a cat used to such a treatment, and by the result, you can see we have another satisfied customer.